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Cremation Casket

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Can I purchase a casket from you instead of using the mortuary's product?


Yes. It stipulates clearly in the consumer guide that is issued by the Federal Trade Commission, (toll free #877-382-4307, website: The consumer has the right (which is protected by law) to furnish their own casket and the mortuary is required to accept and provide the rest of the funeral services.

How can I coordinate with the mortuary for delivery of the casket?

After choosing the mortuary, you need to have a meeting with the funeral director. At that time, arrange all funeral rites and details, including the delivery of the casket.

I have a compact car. How can I transport the casket to the mortuary?

You will first assemble the two lids. Leave the bottom part in the original folded shape. The dimensions are 50-3/4"L x 32-1/2"W. It will fit easily in a compact car. The final assembly steps can be done quickly at the mortuary

What is the difference in using your casket compared with the mortuary's rental casket?

Your loved one needs to be moved out from rental casket after the funeral rite. This is not necessary with the Eternity Cardboard Casket. The Cardboard Casket is also more cost effective.

Could the family place the deceased favorite article(s) into casket cremate together?

Yes. You must notify funeral director in advance.

If I don't want to assemble the casket myself, can I ask the mortuary to do it for me?

Yes. Tell the funeral home that you have a casket that needs to be delivered and assembled. It is best to let them know as early as possible. Print out the assembly Instructions and give them to the mortuary.

In case the casket I ordered is delayed, what can I do?

This is unlikely. If it is delayed due to weather, strike or accident by carrier, etc., you will receive a full refund from us. It is always a good policy to have another option in case of unexpected delay.

Can I use your casket for a ground burying service that may happen during rain?

Funeral homes will provide some type of covering, usually plastic sheeting.

If a casket is made of pure wood but the interior fabric used is crepe, satin or velvet etc., can it be considered environmentally friendly?

It can't. Those are chemical fibers, petroleum based with toxins contained within. We use unbleached cotton for the interior fabric and wadding in our Cherry and Pine caskets.

Are toxins contained in the glue used in the corrugated layers or the wood finished image in your casket? 

The glue is water based. The wood image is printed with soy ink. There are no toxins contained in either component.

Can I order a flower arrangement for the top of the casket?

Yes. Inform your florist whether it will be an open or closed casket service. The Funeral Director will take care of the flower arrangement as well.

Can the family witness the cremation?

Yes. In most cases, cremation providers allow family members to be present.

How long does an actual cremation take?

It depends on the weight of the individual. Average time is about two hours.

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