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Administration on Aging
Information provided to help Senior Americans and their families.

Death, Dying and Grief Resources
A comprehensive Internet resource for the holistic approach to the death process.

Department of Consumer Affairs - California
Information by the Funeral Regulatory Agency of California.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross, MD. "On Death And Dying"
The author and book have been recognized as one of the most authoritative references on death and dying.

Federal Trade Commission
The Federal Administrative Agency of The Funeral Rule.

Funeral And Memorial Societies Of America
FAMSA has become the consumer rights watchdog for the funeral industry.

Consumer healthcare information from the Federal Government.

National Aging Information Center
A referral service to link individuals with hospices in their community.

National Cemetery Administration
Cemetery and burial information for veterans.

National Hospice Organization
A referral service to link individuals with hospices in their community.

Social Security Administration
Information and links for families and survivors.

Retired Officers Association
A nonprofit organization to assist and benefit uniformed services personnel and their families.

Veteran’s Affairs
A collection of informational links for those who have served their country.

Words of Condolences
Words of Condolences message samples for expressing words of sympathy to someone after the loss of a loved one. Use these condolence examples to help you write your condolences in cards or letters of sympathy.

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