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Eco Burial

Cremation Casket

Though green products are now being advocated extensively, they have been neglected by one industry. Our product is the greenest, lightest and cheapest in the industry. Innovation doesn’t compromise its function and dignity or beauty from a traditional one.
  • Purchase in advance for peace of mind; shipment weighs less than 26 lbs with compact dimensions. The shipping container has a hand hole for easy carrying and storage; it will not be damaged in transportation.
  • Multiple functions: Suitable for all types of funeral rites.
  • Do it yourself: Ideally suited for individuals who prefer to build the casket for their loved one.
  • Quick and easy to assemble; step-by-step instruction; no tools are required.
  • Easy to transport to a funeral home: If you have a small car, pre-assemble the two lids and pillow, leaving the base in its original folding shape. The final fold and lock procedures are in one step and can be done at the funeral home.
  • You may order online to have the shipment delivered to a funeral home by public couriers (e.g. UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) and arrange for the funeral home to do the assembly.
  • Suitable for charitable or government organizations to provide for underprivileged families or for distribution to disaster areas, etc.

For Cremation :

  • 100% combustible: No pollutants are created since casket is composed of all natural materials; no toxins are released during cremation process.
  • No contamination from casket materials: Remains which are presented to the family after cremation will be the "cleanest possible".
  • Dignity: Provides respect to the loved one when compared with other types of cremation caskets or alternative containers.
  • Savings: A very affordable alternative for families, allowing them to set aside the savings for other expenses.

For Burial :

  • 100% biodegradable: Quickly dissolves when buried in a liner, permitting human remains to be returned to nature sooner; no contamination to the earth.
  • Eternity Cardboard Casket is composed of all natural materials, meeting the religious requirements for both Muslim and Judaic burials. The Pine and Plain design are suitable for Orthodox.
  • Perfect for use in green burials.
  • Provides another option for families that can't afford traditional metal or wooden caskets.


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